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The Morse Achiever™   


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Width: 1" Thickness: .035

Width: 1-1/4" Thickness: .042

Width: 1-1/2" Thickness: .050

Width: 2" Thickness: .063

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The Morse Achiever™ Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade

Consistently reliable with excellent durability in mild to difficult materials, the Morse Achiever™ bi-metal band saw blades cut layer and bundle cuts in large profiles and solids.

Features & Benefits
* Best performance in a wide range of materials
* Production Cutting a varirty of materials from carbon steel through stainless steel

* M.K. Morse proprietary edge wire
* M.K. Morse engineered spring steel backer - additional rigidity
* Consistent reliability/performance from blade to blade
* Exceptional long fatigue life to eliminate pre-mature breakage
* Exceptional tooth durability in a wide range of mild to difficult materials
* 0 degree rake are well suited fro production cutting structurals, solids and thin walled pipe

* Production cutting
* Material range from carbon to stainless steel
Layer and bundle cuts of 1018, 4140, 4340, tool steel, stainless steels
* Large profiles and solids, carbon steels, alloy tool steels, stainless steel
* Alloy steels, mold steels, tool steels, structural steels, case hardened steels, low alloy steels, non-ferrous, brass, aluminum, stainless steel