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Welding band saw blades since 1964.
Ask the Expert
What if my blade has body breakage or cracks from the gullets?
LENOX Observation #16 The origin of the fracture is indicated by a flat area on the fracture surface. Probable Cause: A. Excessive back-up guide “preload”. B. Improper band tension. C. Guide arms spread to maximum capacity. D...
What if my broken blade shows a twist in its length?
LENOX Observation #20 When a broken band lying on a flat surface displays a twist from one end to the other, this indicates the band flatness has been altered during use. Probable Cause: A. Excessive band tension..
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Oregon Industrial | LENOX Certified Band Saw Blade Welder and Distributor

Oregon Industrial is a LENOX Certified Weld Center based in Eugene, Oregon. Since our beginning, we have been dedicated to welding band saw blades of the highest quality for every application, including wood, metal and pallet cutting. All our blades meet LENOX factory specifications and are continually tested for the optimum weld. Get expert safety tips, ask us a question, and contact us to learn more about choosing a new band saw blade for your needs.