Who We Are

Oregon Industrial is a leading band saw blade weld center located in Eugene, Oregon. Established in 1935, our company has served clients spanning an array of industries. Over the years, we have continually gained specialized knowledge from working with our suppliers and customers, such as the ability to weld our first blade.

Forest Larson, Owner

Dustin Larson, Bandsaw Sales and Service

Melody Ringdahl, Business Development

Kris Karling, Bandsaw Sales and Service

Oregon Industrial

Dwayne Stow, Bandsaw Sales and Service

It’s All in the Weld

The weld and the tooth match of a blade are very important to consider when purchasing a blade because they represent the blade’s weakest point. If a weld isn’t done correctly, the blade will fail prematurely. These details are what separate an elite blade from an average blade, and this is what differentiates Oregon Industrial’s blades from the rest.

A LENOX Certified Weld Center

Lots of people sell band saw blades but our welder’s experience and the state-of-the-art equipment we use to weld our blades help us to achieve our status as a LENOX Certified Weld Center. This title means that all our blades meet LENOX factory specifications and are continually tested by LENOX for the highest-quality performance. With more than 75 years of collective experience, our team is dedicated to building strong relationships with our customers and that’s why we maintain rigorous quality controls for the perfect weld.