Cutting through a pallet is a tough grind for any blade. Blades purposed for this job are rugged and designed to withstand the stress of cutting both wood and nails used in pallet construction.

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Dakin-Flathers Saw37C Palletband Bandsaw Blade for pallet dismantling Dakin-Flathers RipperS Resaw Band Saw Blade for Sawmills

LENOX Certified Weld Center

Lots of people sell band saw blades but our welder’s experience and the state-of-the-art equipment we use to weld our blades help us to achieve our status as a LENOX Certified Weld Center. This title means that all our blades meet LENOX factory specifications and are continually tested by LENOX for the highest-quality performance. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible blade and. Tthat’s why we maintain rigorous quality controls to insure a strong, durable weld.As a LENOX Certified Weld Center, LENOX recognizes us as a distributor and welder of custom band saw blades that meet factory certification standards for strong, durable welds.

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